Merax Deluxe 55 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbell

The dumbbell is equipped with an upper safety lock; simply press the lock to unlock it so you can change the weight level, and then release it to lock it again for ultimate safety. Using the special dialing mechanism, By quickly changing weight locations and increasing the weight level from 5 lbs to 80 lbs in 35 lbs increments, you can effortlessly follow training videos online.

Technical Details

Merax Deluxe 55 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbell, 5-in-1 Dumbbell 15-55lb Adjustable Weight Plate for Home Gym 2 PCS

Merax Deluxe 55 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbells
Item Weight‎10 Pounds
Brand Name‎Merax
Color‎55lbs Black Single w/ Base
Material‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Sport Type‎Weightlifting

Product Features

  1. Adjustable Dumbbell: With a unique built-in dial system, the weight can be adjusted from 15 to 55 lbs in 10 lbs increments through easy rotation of the dial. Select your preferred weight amount to meet your current fitness goals with 55 different weight options to choose from.
  2. Effective Training: With a simple twist in one second, you can rapidly adjust weights and switch from one exercise to the next.
  3. Strength Training Solution for Small Spaces: Merax 55lb adjustable dumbbell sets combine 5 sets of weights into one offering a versatile workout for your whole body. The small footprint of this weight set gives you extra room for other workout gear and eliminates the cluttered effect often caused by weight racks.
  4. Maximized Safety: Manufactured with premium materials, this dumbbell set ensures a long-lasting lifespan and is designed to withstand daily use. When released, the built-in safety lock secures your selected weight amount in place as an added safeguard feature, preventing the risk of dangerous accidental weight plate falling.
  5. The 55lb adjustable dumbbell pair set is shipped in multiple packages and may arrive at different times. Please wait or contact customer service for more tracking information.

Product Description

adjustable dumbbelladjustable dumbbelladjustable dumbbell
The maximum grip handle is designed with a textured surface, making it easy to maintain your grip even when lifting the heaviest weight.Ideal for weight-resistant training, challenge both your upper and lower body and train all major muscle groups ranging from your arms, shoulders, chest back, core, and legs.Combining 5 sets of weights into one, Merax adjustable dumbbell allows you to adjust the weight from 15 lbs to 55 lbs in 10 increments with an effortless twist.

Reason to Purchase

  • Adjustable Weight: The Merax Deluxe 55 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbells allow you to adjust the weight according to your needs, making them ideal for a wide range of workouts.
  • Space-Saving: These dumbbells take up very little space compared to a traditional set of dumbbells, making them perfect for those who have limited space at home or in their gym.
  • Easy to Use: The quick and easy weight adjustment mechanism makes it easy to switch between weights during a workout without taking too much time or effort.
  • Durable: The dumbbells are made with high-quality materials, which makes them strong and durable, so they can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.
  • Comfortable Grip: The dumbbells feature a comfortable grip, which helps to prevent slippage during a workout, reducing the risk of injury.

Reason to Avoid

  • Limited Weight Range: The weight range of these dumbbells is limited to 55 pounds, which may not be sufficient for advanced weight lifters.
  • Price: The Merax Deluxe 55 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbells are more expensive than traditional dumbbells, which may not be affordable for everyone.
  • Length: Some users may find the length of the dumbbells to be too long, which may make them uncomfortable to use, especially for certain exercises.
  • No Stand: The dumbbells do not come with a stand, which means they need to be placed on the ground or another surface, which can be inconvenient for some users.
  • Plastic parts: Some parts of these dumbbells are made of plastic which may not be as durable as metal and can wear out faster over time.

About this item

The Merax 55lbs dumbbell set is the ideal workout option whether you are new to strength training or an experienced user. It comes with a user-friendly weight range adjuster that will accommodate and challenge all fitness levels so you can achieve your individual goals. Ideal for weight resistance training, these exercises work for all the major muscular groups in your body, including your arms, shoulders, chest, back, core, and legs. With 18 distinct weight adjustment levels, this set makes home body sculpting simple.

The MX55 Rapid Change Adjustable Dumbbells were easy to assemble, but it took me some time to figure out how to arrange the hexagon-shaped plates in the rack because of their form. This is due to the recessed slots that each of them slides into to maintain alignment. The MX55 racks are also pre-assembled, however, users must first attach the safety rubber feet that are included in the packing to the bottom of the cradles.

Ten sets of dumbbells weighing between 10 and 55 pounds are replaced by these weights. They have a button underneath them and a little dial on top of each side of the handle. Pressing the button will cause the dial to rise, allowing you to adjust the weight. The weight can then be locked into position by turning the dial, choosing the weight, and then pressing the dial back down.


Given that each of the weight plates on these adjustable dumbbells weighs only 2.5 pounds, they are perfect for offset exercises. Based on how much weight you intend to lift, the weight legend on the rack provides guidance on the appropriate offset settings. You just need to set the dials on one side to 15 pounds (setting 2) and the other to 20 pounds, for instance, if you are performing an offset squat that weighs 17.5 pounds (setting 3). Remember that the goal of offset workouts is to deliberately load one side more than the other, creating the illusion of an unbalanced load on the dumbbells.

Each dumbbell has 18 distinct weight settings that range from 5 pounds to 80 pounds. Only one dumbbell, not two. If you want two, select quantity 2. This device has an adjustable weight range that will exactly suit your demands and provide a personalized workout, whether you prefer hard or gentle training.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: How do I adjust the weight on the Merax Deluxe 55 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbells?

The weight can be adjusted by turning the dials on the end of each dumbbell. This allows you to easily and quickly change the weight during your workout.

Q: Is it easy to switch between weights during a workout?

Yes, the Merax Deluxe 55 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbells are designed for easy weight changes. Simply turn the dials to adjust the weight, which makes it easy to switch between exercises or increase/decrease the weight as needed.

Q: Can these dumbbells be used for both upper and lower body exercises?

Yes, the Merax Deluxe 55 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbells are suitable for a variety of upper and lower body exercises. Their adjustable weight feature allows for customization to suit a wide range of fitness levels and exercise needs.

Q: Are the Merax Deluxe 55 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbells durable?

Yes, these dumbbells are made with high-quality materials and are designed to be durable and long-lasting. However, some parts of the dumbbells are made of plastic, which may not be as durable as metal and can wear out faster over time.

Q: What is the maximum weight these dumbbells can hold?

The Merax Deluxe 55 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbells can hold up to 55 pounds each, which makes them ideal for beginner to intermediate weight lifters. However, this weight range may not be sufficient for advanced lifters.

Q: Do these dumbbells come with a stand?

No, these dumbbells do not come with a stand. They need to be placed on the ground or another surface, which may not be as convenient for some users.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Merax Deluxe 55 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbells are a great option for those looking for space-saving and versatile workout equipment. With their adjustable weight, comfortable grip, and durability, they offer a convenient and effective way to stay fit. However, their limited weight range and plastic components may not be suitable for advanced weight lifters. Overall, the Merax Deluxe 55 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbells are a solid investment for anyone looking to add resistance training to their fitness routine.

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